Ceiling Fan Dangers

I’m not a big fan of  ceiling fans in a kitchen myself just because of the dust and grease it attracts and people  tend not to keep the blades clean. Here are a few pro and cons for fans in kitchens.

  • Ceiling fans are helpful in kitchens because they circulate air. However, that function is also one of the reasons it can be a kitchen danger. Ceiling fans may blow lightweight flammable material such as cookbook pages or recipe cards onto heat sources if those objects are left close to a hot burner or open flame. Also, ceiling fans do not belong in a kitchen with low ceilings, as blades can cause injury if they make contact with a raised hand or object.


  • Heat accumulates quickly inside kitchens.
    Heat accumulates quickly inside kitchens.

    Almost every modern kitchen is outfitted with an exhaust fan, which is installed over the stove to diffuse smoke, cooking smells and heat. Heat from cooking tends to quickly build up within the confines of a kitchen, and both exhaust fans and ceiling fans help disperse the accumulated heat and moisture. Without the assistance of a fan, heat-related moisture can cause damage to a kitchen over time, so some sort of exhaust system is essential.

Installation Danger

  • Anytime a fixture that is connected to electrical wiring is installed, special care must be taken to ensure that an improper installation doesn’t lead to possible future injury. Professional installation guards well against such a scenario. Sometimes the ceiling or exhaust fan was installed by a previous homeowner or landlord. In this case, an inspection by a professional might be necessary to alleviate fears about a questionably functioning kitchen fan.

Exhaust Fan Dangers

  • Exhaust fans pose specific risks. Sometimes, because of vibrations from the motion of the fan, connections and wires can become loose or occasionally disconnect. Constant exposure to heat melts or frays wires in some exhaust fans. Either scenario can create a potential fire hazard. The easiest way to prevent kitchen exhaust fan wiring hazards is to regularly check connections.

Joe Lockett  Brutally – Honest

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